A multiplayer galactic game. I had to fix the code for compiling it. See below for instructions. The game can be found here.



Download the source code; then type:


You need to go to the src/directory and edit some files.

Edit the file conquest_game1.cpp and add (at the beginning):


Edit the file conquest_game3.cpp and add (at the beginning):


In the same file, you have to look for the following function:

void Conquest_Game::Game::timer(){
  commanding_permition = false;
  char* mess = " dn ";
  send(socket_fd, mess, std::strlen(mess), 0);

In the previous code, you have to remove the “std::” part (before the strlen function).

Edit the file conquest_server_client.hpp and remove (or comment) the following line (line 11):

class Conquest_Server::Server;

Edit finally the file conquest_server_server5.cpp and add (at the beginning):


Now, you can type:


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