As I told it in a previous post, I don’t know how to play shogi, but I wanted to post a screenshot of the games however. I do the same for minishogi. This program is a hack of GNU shogi. It is generally in the list of packages of most distributions.



4 thoughts on “GNU minishogi

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  2. Where can one obtain this mini version of GNU Shogi? I am particularly interested in the source code. I am prepairing the release of a mini-Shogi package with the WinBoard GUI and all engines that can play mini-Shogi under it, and it would be nice to include GNU Shogi as well.

    • I remember that I found very difficult to find the source code. I think there is no webpage for this game; I may be wrong but I think you have to download the source code from the page of the Debian package. The game is a hack of GNU Shogi.

  3. OK, thank you. The Debian lead allowed me to figure it out. They have a source package ‘gnushogi’, which they claim is the basis for both the binary ‘gnushogi’ and ‘gnuminishogi’ package. But the source code in there does NOT contain the mini-Shogi hack. In the Debian patch-tracker for the package there are some 20 patches listed, though. If you download and apply them all to the sources in the package, you get source code that will contain the mini-Shogi hack (which can be activated by compiling with a -DMINISHOGI switch).
    I have done that, and applied also my own patches. So I do have a native Windows binary for GNU mini-Shogi now!

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