A good version of the othello/reversi game written in the Lisp langugage. You can download it here. The game may be included in some distributions under the name cl-reversi.


Playing this game on a Raspberry Pi

In order to play this game on my Raspberry Pi, I had to install Clozure Common Lisp as explained there. I also installed Quicklisp as explained on the same page, and created the load-quicklisp function (also explained on the same page). Then I had to go in the source directory of the game and type:

? (load-quicklisp)
? (ql:quickload "asdf")
? (load #p"reversi.asd")
? (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'reversi)
? (reversi:reversi #'reversi:human (reversi:iago 1))

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