The game takes a satirical approach at Wikipedia. Your character is a “rouge” admin, and you must commit as many outrageous actions as possible before you’ll get forced out of Wikipedia. For each such action you’ll get Rouge points. You also have Karma points, which are given for good actions and subtracted for bad actions. When you have low karma, people would hate you a lot. You can find it here.


Playing this game on a Raspberry Pi

In order to play this game on my Raspberry Pi, I had to install Clozure Common Lisp as explained there. I also installed Quicklisp as explained on the same page, and created the load-quicklisp function (also explained on the same page). Then I had to go in the source directory of the game and type:

> (load-quicklisp)
> (ql:quickload "md5")
> (ql:quickload "trivial-gray-streams")
> (ql:quickload "cffi")
> (load #p"curses.lisp")
> (load #p"rouge.lisp")
> (in-package :rougelike)
> (start-game)

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